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Openings Still Available

For Fall Clean Ups
& Winter Services.

Get Your Yard Winter Ready.


Need a yard clean up this Fall? Raking leaves & getting your yard winter ready is a big project. Atlantic Lawn Care & Landscape is ready to take care of all your winter prep so that you can enjoy the picturesque Maine fall.


Our fall Clean Ups include blowing, removing leaves sticks & debris. We can also clear away fallen tree branches, cut back perennials, trim hedges, prune shrubs & trees. We will haul all of the debris off of your property. 


Keeping Your Lawn Healthy


A fall clean up is essential for the health of your lawn. Leaves can drastically change the pH of your lawn & cause mold & mildew to grow. Scheduling a fall clean up with our Professionals will ensure that your lawn is ready for winter.

A section of yard is cleared from a large pile of fallen leaves.jpg

Additional Fall Services.

Fall in the perfect time to prune shrubs and trees. We can thin out branches, shape shrubs & remove any dead or damage branches. Hedges can also be trimmed & shaped this time of year by our Professionals.

For a manicured look, have our Professionals clean up you garden beds. Perennials should be cut back in the fall to keep your beds looking maintained all winter & to save you from having a big mess to deal with in the spring.

You may have fallen trees or large branches that need to be cut up & hauled away or large piles of organic matter that you wish to dispose of. Let us know & we can add these to your Fall Clean Up.

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