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Shrubs & Tree Care.

Shrubs & trees are a prominent part of your landscape, with good care & attention these plantings will bring interest to your property for years to come. Trees maintained properly are a valuable asset to your landscape. Making sure that they are pruned by a professional means that they will keep growing strong & healthy. Shrubs add shapes & texture to the landscape but can turn into an unruly mess if left to their own devices. Regular pruning and thinning are vital to maintaining a manicured look to your landscape. Our Professionals will work with your landscape to make sure your trees & shrubs are cared for properly. 



Pruning & trimming services may include:

Areas We Serve.


We are a Maine owned & operated company servicing Southern, Central, & Eastern Maine. For more information on the services provided in your area, please click the button below. 

  • Shaping & thinning shrubs
  • Pruning tree branches that are broken or damaged
  • Pruning branches from trees that hinder proper growth
  • Elevating tree branches for sunlight & disease prevention
  • Hedge & topiary trimming & shaping
  • Removing dead or fallen trees
  • Removing diseased trees, shrubs & branches properly

Hedges are a wonderful, natural way that add privacy & color to your landscape. Because they take a while to grow & fill in it is important to keep them maintained throughout their life. If you have a hedge on your landscape you know that any imperfections can quickly become an eyesore. Depending on the type of shrub they may constantly need pruning. Our professionals can maintain the health & shape of your hedges even when it becomes full grown. Have peace of mind that the shape of your hedge will come out right every time by trusting our Professionals.

Hedge Trimming.

Pruning shrubs.jpg
Interested in Receiving an Estimate?

Let our professionals build a maintenance package that will suit your properties needs. 

Feeding Shrubs & Trees. 


Some shrubs & trees benefit from extra attention. Have you noticed a decline in blooms from some of your favorite shrubs? They may be missing some vital nutrients from the soil. Some shrubs may just need some compost while others might need a special made fertilizer to get the exact nutrients they need. Speak with our Professionals to see how to bring shrubs and trees back to their full glory.  

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