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Delivery & Installation.

Garden beds, stone drip edges, play areas, crushed stone paths & driveways all need material. The easiest way to get these taken care of is to have the material delivered in bulk to your home & installed by our Professionals. We can measure the area to decide the proper amount of material & help you select the right option for your space.

cedar chips playground.jpg


Materials available for installation:

  • Organic Bark Mulch
  • Crushed Stone
  • Gravel


  • Cedar Chips
  • Loam
  • Compost

How Materials are Installed.

We can deliver and install materials for any sized projects. Garden beds typically need to be mulched ever year. Crushed stone areas may need to be added to after they have sunk or they just need a fresh layer of stone to brighten up an area. Mulch stone and gravel are typically added to the surface of an area. These materials need to be installed as a layer to a particular depth to have the proper impact. We can also deliver and install garden soils & compost for your beds. Garden soils & compost can be installed as a top layer so that nutrients is absorbed when it rains or tilled into a new bed. Let Atlantic take care of the labor intensive job of installing materials.

Areas We Serve.


We are a Maine owned & operated company servicing Southern, Central, & Eastern Maine. For more information on the services provided in your area, please click the button below. 

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Interested in Receiving an Estimate?

Let our professionals build a maintenance package that will suit your properties needs. 

Spring Refresh.


Give your landscape a boost & say goodbye to winter by installing materials with your spring clean up.  Before the perennials come up is a perfect time to install mulch to flower beds. The fresh color of the mulch will last all season long. As a bonus the mulch helps reduce the need for watering in the hot months, regulates the ground temperature for roots & reduces the number of weeds. Stones applied in the spring will also freshen up walkways, driveways, & any drip edges after the long winter.

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