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Professional Bed Maintenance.

Beds are the finishing touch to a crisp landscape. Weather you take a minimal approach to landscaping or have beds bursting with color we can maintain Well maintained beds can instantly change the look of your property making your space look more inviting. Our Professionals can work with you to enhance your beds or develop a maintenance plan to keep them looking their best what is best for your beds year in & out. Have Atlantic maintain your bed throughout the growing season to keep your property client ready.

Caring for Your Beds.

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At the beginning of the season beds will need to be edges & mulched. Plants may need to be replaced or new plants added. We will take care of everything so that your landscape is refreshed. Throughout the growing season beds need regular weeding. Plants, shrubs & trees may need feeding & pruning. Perennials will need to be cutback in the fall & some trees & shrubs may need to be winterized. Get the most out of your plants, trees & shrubs with professional advice & care from Atlantic.

Garden bed maintenance may include:

  • Regular Weeding
  • Edging & Mulching
  • Fertilization
  • Pruning & Trimming
    • Trees, shrubs, & hedges​
  • Perennial Cutbacks
  • Tree, shrub & perennial replacement
  • Annuals & Bulb installation

Areas We Serve.


We are a Maine owned & operated company servicing Southern, Central, & Eastern Maine. For more information on the services provided in your area, please click the button below. 


Add a bursting of color to your landscape with annuals will highlight and draw attention to your property. Have Atlantic install your favorites or let us put together show stopping annuals that best suit your space. Looking to add big impact for early spring? Have Atlantic install bulbs in the fall to get those early blooms.

Interested in Receiving an Estimate?

Let our professionals build a maintenance package that will suit your properties needs. 
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Add Annuals for Color.

The Finishing Touch. 


No bed is complete without a fresh layer of mulch or stone. Mulch preserves water in your beds for plantings & provides protection from the hot sun. Add a crisp stone drip edge for good drainage. Have materials delivered & installed by our Professionals.

Commercial Mulch Instatllation 4.jpg
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